April 19th, 2022.

Tandragee Motocross Park was the setting for the second round of the MRA Ulster Adult and Youth Quad Championship series. The event was promoted by Quad Racing Ireland and the flowing hillside track at Tandragee was in prime condition.

The action at the front of the Quad Premier class was again between Mark McLernon, Dean Dillon, Justin Reid, David Cowan and, for this round, they were joined by Scottish visitor Murray Graham.

Dillon grabbed the holeshot in race one before McLernon took over at the front and held the lead to the finish line. After 10 laps 1.1 seconds separated McLernon and Dillon for first and second. Reid was a consistent third throughout. While Cowan swopped places with Graham at the half-way point, finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Race two saw former champion Cowan lead the pack for eight of the 10 laps race. McLernon moved from third to second before taking the lead half-way round the eighth lap. The finishing order was McLernon from Cowan and Dillon, followed by Reid, Kevin Meenagh and Graham.

The third and final Quad Premier race produced little in the way of passing as McLernon lead from start to finish. With Dillon, Reid, Cowan, Aaron Haslett, and Jonny Kelly also holding their first lap positions right to the chequered flag.

Teenager Josh McKnight continued his domination of the Quad Semi-Expert Class with three convincing race wins to claim the overall in the class.

Overall results:
Quad Premier: 1. M.McLernon 75, 2. D.Dillon 64, 3. J.Reid 58, 4. D.Cowan 58, 5. J.Kellly 43, 6. K.Meenagh 43.

Quad Semi-Expert: 1. J.McKnight 75, 2. S.Hunter 62, 3. S.Cassidy 56.

Quad Clubman: 1. P.Edgar 72, 2. M.Mulholland 60, 3. A.Black 58.

Youth Quad Automatic: 1. J.Cowan 65, 2. D.Cross 63, 3. K.Bradley 62, 4. J.Gilchrist 61.

Youth 80-100: 1. D.Ownes 75, 2. C. O’Hare 64, 3. D.Duddy 58.

Youth 200-250: 1. L.Dillon, 2. J.Minish 66, 3. T.Toye 60.

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Pictured: Mark McLernon won all three Premier races at the second round of the Ulster Quad Championship. Image credit: Maurice Montgomery.
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