February 6th, 2020.

The NETT Quad Club has introduced a new Novice class for 2020, designed to welcome both newcomers to the sport, as well as those less experienced riders who’d like to have a crack at spot of competition, but without being intimidated by the faster racers.

The new Novice class will cater for 450cc riders, with a minimum age of 15-years, and will run with the 200/250cc class. An appropriate ACU licence will be required.

Entrants for the class will be vetted on an individual basis by members of the club committee, and the ACU Clerk of the Course on the day. Eligible riders will be reviewed on a rolling round-by-round basis to assess speed, skill, performance and lap times. If necessary, a rider may be upgraded to the Adult race at the discretion of the club. Entrants will be encouraged to use a standard 450cc machine in order to keep the costs down.

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