November 15th, 2021.

When the current Dragon Quad Racing committee took over the reins of the club back in 2017, they had little in the way of experience or knowledge of running a racing club. However, Ashley and Lisa Holt, Mark and Shelley Maybury, Dale and Helen Roberts, together with Michael (Moose) Pittaway, had a common love of the quad enduro scene and, at that time, the club needed a new team to take over to ensure its future success.

“We all enjoyed the racing. We enjoyed the weekend and the social side of the paddock, and we had children who had just started their racing and were just progressing from Minis to Youth, and we felt it was something we really had to do,” explained Ashley Holt.

“Since that day we have learned an awful lot, given over a great deal of free time and effort into trying to build a solid club with good membership, putting on great events all over the country, while also trying to find new tracks to keep people’s interest. I believe we have achieved this over the past four seasons. Some may disagree, but then we have also learnt that as well.”

Now, after four years, the DQR club needs some new committee members to step up if it is to continue and move forward.

“We need to say a special thank you to Dale and Helen who are now stepping down. Some of you may, or may not, be aware that without them the last four racing seasons would not have been possible. Dale not only races on a Sunday, but arrives on Thursday nights bringing the club machines and equipment to each race meeting for building the tracks, and then takes it all back again to clean down, repair and prepare for the next one. Moose is also retiring, so once again thanks to him for all the time he has given to the club to help set up and build the tracks before racing on Sundays.

“Lisa and I, together with Mark and Shelley are not saying we are stepping down completely, but, that is an option. We can no longer commit the time, as with personal, work commitments and schooling, it is becoming harder and harder to get away and devote the time needed.”

Positions open are Clerk of the Course, Secretary, Treasurer, Signing-on, etc. All current committee members can be contacted via their individual Facebook pages.

Image: Miniquad racers Jaxon-Blu Butcher #77 and Albert Scotland #7 are the future of Dragon Quad Racing. Image credit: Lisa Ann Williams-Holt

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