April 27th, 2022.

The opening rounds of the NETT and British Championships kick off this bank holiday weekend, at Duns Motocross Track, with a range of adult and youth Club races on Saturday the 30th of April, followed by the Championship classes on Sunday the 1st of May.

Registered NETT Championship riders are automatically registered in the British Championship, and they can choose to enter the British or National Expert Championships. Under-21 riders will earn points in the U-21 Championship regardless of whether they contest the British or National Expert.

The Sunday motos are slightly longer than usual – a British Championship standard 20-minutes plus two laps, rather than the previous NETT Championship distance of 15-minutes plus one lap. Each rider’s best two scores will count towards the NETT Championship.

Both British and NETT reigning champions, namely Mark McLernon and Oli Sansom, and the National Expert champ Robbie Wood, are signed up to race and defend their titles. They will be joined by a host of other top-level quad racers including Dafydd Davies, Harry and Alfie Walker, Murray Graham, Dylan McKenna, Zac Orchard, Kyle Murphy and the Beevers brothers, to name but a few.

The track is said to be in excellent condition and the weather forecast looks favourable.

Entries close at 6.00pm on Thursday the 28th of April. Enter online at Late entries may be available but will attract an additional fee.

NETT’s Event Secretary Stu Gair can be contacted by email – should anyone have any questions.

Pictured: British QX Champion #919 Mark McLernon and NETT Champion #3 Oi Sansom, will be at Duns this weekend to defend their titles and fight for new 2022 crowns.

Image credit: John Cook.

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